Halloween Party – 2009


Phoenix Line Dance Club held their Halloween Party at the Green Valley Restaurant, Alsancak on Saturday, 31st October. More than 70 people joined in a brew of good fun, food and dancing. Count Dracula and the Blonde Witch, better known as Steve and Denise Bisson, charmed the party goers through a unique potion of line dancing and rock and roll.

Special guests to arrive were a mix of characters that Vincent Price and Boris Karloff would consider friends of the family. Thunder and lightning provided by Mother Nature added to the spooky atmosphere.

The hard part of the night was deciding who should be the recipients of best outfit worn by male and female. Everyone who took part in dressing for the occasion was worthy of first prize though if a psychiatrist had been present he would have had them all locked up. However, the vote was cast and in first place for ladies The Headless woman, in the guise of Carol Dovey, took the honours with a stunning appearance, although she seemed quite a lot taller than when we last saw her! Runner up was Lilian White dressed as a witch Macbeth would have been proud of to stir the cauldron but she must do something about the hump on her back due to her having problems with broomstick take off. The first prize for men was awarded to Bob Rigg as Frankenstein’s Monster and, hot off the press, he is suing his plastic surgeon for gross negligence. We wish you luck Bob!! Runner up was The Joker alias Mick Bone.  His smile just grew bigger by the hour and he is now seeing the same surgeon as Bob!! Whoops!!

A great night was had by all and the next theme night is eagerly awaited and we hope by then everyone has managed to remove their make-up!

This first theme night of the newly formed Phoenix Line Dance Club was a great success and without doubt many more will follow.

Author: Mel Dale with pictures by Sue Rigg, Steve Bisson, Rene Walsh & many others.


2 Responses to “Halloween Party – 2009”

  1. Anne Elliot Says:

    What a great night – costumes were fantastic – spooky.
    Good atmosphere – good food and plenty of it.

    Anne & George

  2. Jan Marsh Says:

    Oh what a great night you must of had – I will be back as soon as my feet allow and my lungs can take the pace. Miss you all.

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