Phoenix LDC at Koca Reis, Famagusta

A short history of Phoenix Line Dance Club, Famagusta

A telephone call was the catalyst in setting up Phoenix LDC in the Famagusta area. It was mid August 2009 when Steve & Denise received the call from a lady enquiring about linedancing and if it would be possible for them to hold lessons for her and a few friends in Famagusta.  A date was arranged for a meeting and a successful outcome resulted in setting up a venue and date for the first lesson at the beginning of October that year. The “Moon over the Water” at Bogaz was the location used for the dancers, most of which had never line danced before. It was an immediate success, so much so that within a short space of time the venue was too small to take the numbers of people attending. Another location was found and the Koca Reis Restaurant at Salamis proved to be ideal.

The progress of the dancers was, at first, understandably slow but as the weeks passed the improvement in their dancing skills came on in leaps and bounds, this gave some of them confidence to attend the 2009 Phoenix Xmas party at the Pia Bella Hotel, Girne, where they danced the night away. Word travelled fast and before long a social was organised at the Koca Reis for February 2010.  The event attracted dancers from the Girne area, together with Lynne White and Kate Bell’s Esentepe group, along with members from Famagusta.

Steve & Denise hosted the evening’s entertainment and around 90 people joined in the fun and dancing. The Famagusta members  first social gave them the opportunity to put into practice their skills of  which they all did very well and before the evening was over they were planning the next event, such was their enthusiasm for fun and line dancing.

To quote the members, “Phoenix LDC has given the Famagusta area a much needed leisure attraction”.

Author: Mel Dale

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