Phoenix LDC Display Team at the Tulip Festival – Sunday, 21st March 2010

With only 10 days notice given to prepare, the team set to work in practicing a total of 6 dances for their performance at the 6th Annual Tulip Festival in Tepebaşı, Northern Cyprus. The team were allocated two “slots” of 10 minutes for Sunday, 21st March – the 2nd day of the festival. The dances performed were:

1.  Just A Minute

2. Ghost Train – performed in contra lines

3. Cowgirl Salsa

4. Tennessee Shuffle – performed in contra lines

5. Chill Factor

6. Black Coffee – performed in contra lines (to new music)

The contra line dancing added a new dimension to otherwise fairly easy dances and the team performed extremely well on the day. To view the dances please visit the video section.

Videos courtesy of Mel & Jeanne Dale – thanks guys.


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