“Six Days On The Line” – Ankara, Turkey

Group photo at Ercan Airport

“Six Days on the Line”, an International Line Dance Social and Workshop held from the 3rd to the 8th of May in the City of Ankara, Turkey, proved to be an enlightening experience for 27 members and their partners of Phoenix LDC. The event organised by Özgür Takaç, better known as “Oscar the Cowboy”, Turkey’s premier line dance instructor, was an action packed mix of sightseeing and dancing. Each of the six days was an experience not to be forgotten. The tours included Ankara Castle, Cable Car Rides, Cultural Museums, Fun Parks, Authentic Turkish restaurants, Shopping Malls, A BBQ Park, Invitation to Dance at a Turkish wedding, and the truly magnificent Atatürk Mausoleum.

It’s surprising the dancers found the energy to dance at the workshops but thankfully they found unknown reserves and picked up the new dances quickly. A couple of partner dances were also taught and this proved to be a new venture for most of the group and it was enjoyable trying it out.

The cable car ride tested the nerve of some of the group, so much so that one lady, while 200 foot in the air, was advised to put her camera away because it would turn rusty due to the amount of nervous perspiration on her hands. She should be congratulated on completing the journey and afterwards said she thought the ride was fantastic.

A dance and karaoke night at the hotel was enjoyed by all and it was obvious that most of the group were better dancers than singers – even the cats were preparing to leave town. We were saved by Oscar and Charlie who belted out the songs in a very tuneful manner, not forgetting Kate who had a lovely ring to her voice.

Party night arrived on the Saturday and we were made very welcome by Oscar’s Country Club Line Dance members. Their ages ranged from five to twenty five and it was great to see how the young ones danced with all the energy of youth. We put into practice the new dances we had been taught and the ones we already knew. The night flew by and before we knew it was time to go but not before thanking Oscar and his team for all the hard work and time they put into Six Days on the Line.

The week passed very quickly and, completely worn out, the group made their way back to the airport for the flight home. Cases were stuffed with the many purchases made over the week and, believe it or not, there was even a brand new inflated wheelbarrow wheel in a certain gentleman’s case. Now that’s enterprise for you.

Author: Mel Dale

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