Phoenix LDC Gala Night Party – Pia Bella Hotel, 4th June 2010

Phoenix Line Dance Club Gala Night

More than one hundred members and guests arrived at the Pia Bella Hotel on Friday, 4th June 2010, for the club’s Gala Night Party.

Topping the bill was Mr Rodeo (Simon Burridge) who entertained everyone in his unique style of country singing. He was a great hit and terrific to watch and dance along with. His comments later were that he had never met a nicer, more fun loving group of people and it was a real pleasure to perform for them.

The floor was filled with dancers for most of the time and this included some of the hotel guests who enjoyed joining in with some of the dances. One of the hotel guests had her own style of dancing which was a cross between hip hop, funky and haven’t a clue but she enjoyed herself and had lots of fun.

A short intermission was held to present Steve and Denise with a memento of the “Six Days On The Line” trip to Ankara and for all their hard work in putting the trip together.

The night burst into flames when a surprise addition to the programme was supplied by one of the hotel service staff. He was a juggler with a difference. Bottles were thrown into the air and caught with surprising dexterity, apart from one that had a mind of its own and decided to see if it could bounce on the stage, unfortunately the stage won. It all warmed up when he lit fuel in the bottles and flames were everywhere. Great fireballs were sprayed into the air adding more heat to the performance. It was a relief to know he didn’t need the fire brigade to put him out!

Shortly afterwards everyone sang happy birthday to one of the lady members but Steve, being the gentleman, refused to reveal the age of the lady but word has it that there is a bus pass waiting for her when she next returns to the UK.

On a lovely summer’s night after having a great meal, great entertainment and great dancing what more could anyone want for a fabulous night out? Well done everyone for making the evening the success that it was.

Author: Mel Dale


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