9th International Olive Festival at Zeytinlik, Northern Cyprus


The 2010 Olive Festival Dance Display Team


The 9th Zeytinlik International Olive Festival opened with a parade through the main streets of Girne on Friday, 1st October 2010.

Phoenix Display Team, along with other participating teams that were scheduled to perform during the week-long festival of entertainment, walked in an atmosphere of friendliness and fun.

While waiting for the parade to commence, Phoenix entertained the people in the vicinity by performing two impromptu dances and this was well received by many of them.

On Tuesday evening, 5th October; Phoenix took to the stage in Zeytinlik Village Square to perform their programme of four dances. Two of the dances were performed in the “contra” style of line dancing. After the performance, the team were presented with a plaque and olive products by an official of the village as a memento of the occasion.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to perform at this festival and all the team had a huge amount of fun taking part.

Author: Mel Dale

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  1. Karin Pratt Says:

    We were there Tuesday night and a good time was had by all….It is always a pleasure to be involved in, and give support to local events, and they reciprocated by supporting the Line Dancers in their display….

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