Halloween – 2010


A match made in hell - Sue & Bob Rigg, first prize winners for best costumes

Halloween -2010

The 2nd annual Phoenix LDC Halloween Party took place at the Green Valley Restaurant on October 31st with more than 80 members and guests attending what proved to be a haunting experience.

Witches and Wizards were casting their spells (probably more to do with the spirit behind the bar rather than that in the ether!) Vampires and monsters were let loose and had a field day satisfying their desires on unsuspecting victims, all of which were happy to oblige.  Ghosts and Ghouls drifted around the room and as the night went on the more they drifted! (Must have been that spirit in the bar again!!)

It was a complete surprise when the Famagusta members arrived, all dressed in the guise of ghosts, and promptly took over the floor dancing to “Ghost Train”, much to the applause of everyone. The parade of costumes took place shortly afterwards and after a long deliberation the independent judge, Mr Ian Shepherd (of Cyprus Today), announced that in first place for the male category was:- Bob Rigg for appearing as “The Zombie from Hell” with Sue Rigg taking first place in the female category appearing as “The Bride of the Living Dead”. Bob was superb as “The Zombie” (complete with maggots) and has now a contract with Hammer House of Horrors to appear in their next film. Sue was equally superb as “The Bride” (nice dental work Sue!!).  Sue has started negotiations with the BBC for the staring role in the next 26 episodes of Eastenders. Runners up in each section were Dave Keys (male) and Anne Elliot (female).

Special mention must go to Mick Bone for his courage and sheer cheek to arrive dressed as “Miss Whiplash”. He didn’t say how many propositions he received but we do know his phone number is now available in certain magazines!!

The final comments from the judge were, “Everyone who took part was to be commended”, and he only chose the winners because they terrified the hell out of him.

Exorcising the dancers was easily achieved by playing music and to see them rise, or in some cases float, to the dance floor, was a surreal experience which further added to the atmosphere of the evening. The linedancing was liberally mixed with Jive sessions and the partygoers had a monster ball the rest of the night. The couple to receive best Jive Performers prize were Chris and Barrie Price (two of Phoenix newest members), having been judged by Memhed Hassan (in his previous life a professional jive dance teacher). Memhed said afterwards, “It’s a pity Elvis wasn’t here to see the show”. What they didn’t know was that Elvis had accepted the invitation months ago and was watching from the bar!! (Now we know who that spirit was!)

The night came to a close with everyone having the last “Texas Waltz” before returning home in a highly cheerful mood and to start planning on next year’s costume.

Huge thanks were given to Steve & Denise for organising yet again another exceptionally “spooktacular” evening.

Author: Mel Dale

Pictures by Sue Rigg and various members



4 Responses to “Halloween – 2010”

  1. Karin Says:

    Oooooh!…..there is a witch missing!!!!…..no doubt she is breaking her neck to find out how the evening went.. and her gnarled fingers must be twitching to put adverse comments on Cyprus 44 again!

    However, you all looked magnificent and certainly looked as though you were all having a great time. Glad the troup from Famagusta made it..must have been a surprise, and is a testament to your popularity and ability to teach…. But then I knew that!

    One thing is for certain, I don’t know whether I will be able to see Mick in the same light ever again….

    Take care all

    Karin x x

    • Stephen Says:

      Thanks Karin – you were the first to submit a comment. Now I wonder which witch you were thinking of – as they say, if the cap (or witches hat) fits!!!

  2. A great night was had by all once again! Well done Steve and Denise. xx

    • Stephen Says:

      Thanks Sue – and many thanks to you and Bob for really entering into the “Spirit” of things! Scary or what!!!!

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