Phoenix LDC at the 1st Lefke Date Festival – 7th November 2010

Phoenix LDC Display Team proudly displaying their certificates previously presented by the Mayor of Lefke. From left to right: Steve Bisson, Kate Bell, Cathy Tillett, Anne Elliot, Anne Tanlı, Mick Bone, Lynne White, Sue Rigg, Denise Bisson, Mel Dale


Phoenix Line Dance Club at the Lefke Date Festival

The 1st Lefke Hurma (Date) Festival took place during the weekend of 6th&7th November 2010. Phoenix Line Dance Club display team were invited to perform at the festival, which was held in the centre of the town.

Phoenix LDC had previously performed at the Lefke Walnut Festival in May and were pleased to have been invited for a repeat performance. In a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, the linedancing and music captivated the audience, some of whom later remarked, they had never seen linedancing before and how enjoyable it was to watch.

As the team left the arena, passing the numerous stalls selling everything from food to date palms, they were left with the impression that Lefke and it’s residents really did mean, “Hoş Geldiniz”, when they arrived. A spokesperson later said, “It will be a pleasure to perform again in next year’s festival”.

Article by Mel Dale

Photo by Lilian White


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