Phoenix LDC 2011 Dance Display Team – 8th March 2011

International Women’s Day at Gemikonağı with Phoenix Line Dance Club

International Women’s Day, on Tuesday, March 8th was the beginning of the 2011 festival season for the Phoenix Dance Display Team. The Team were invited to dance at Gemikonağı Community Centre, located just outside Lefke, to entertain ladies, young and old, during their tea party to celebrate The Day.

The hospitality we received on arrival was superb, from the friendly welcome to the tea and cakes provided. After the drive from Girne, it very tempting to have a little siesta on the couches in the well appointed room but we resisted and instead took in the atmosphere of the room filling with people.

By show time, every table and chair was occupied and the dance floor had become somewhat smaller due to extra tables and chairs being provided for the overspill – more than 375 ladies eventually arrived! Thankfully, there was still enough floor space left to give the team a place to dance.

With a few first show nerves, the team took to the floor and performed the first set of three dances, ending with an enthusiastic applause from the audience.

A short break was taken, while a singer took to the stage, then it was time to perform the last set of three dances. By this time the nerves had gone and the audience were happy to see us back on the floor.

It was great to see the older ladies, as well as the young, joining in the clapping and foot tapping while we were dancing.

All too soon we had completed our performance and it was time to leave taking with us happy memories of our first show this year and the way the people of Gemikonağı received us and appreciated Phoenix Display Team for being a part of their day.


Author: Mel Dale



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  1. Couldn’t agree more Mel! It was a super afternoon in a very lovely place. Sue x

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