Phoenix LDC On Tour – in Russia!

Phoenix LDC On Tour!

Some of our Phoenix LDC members recently went on a trip to Russia. During a cruise on the River Volga, four of the girls (Elaine Penlington, Sylvia Andrews, Jean Greenwood and Jocelyn Beavis) were asked to entertain their fellow passengers by performing a couple of line dances. The girls rose to the challenge and took to the floor with trepidation and performed “Super Trooper” and “Ghost Train”. Galina, the very talented resident pianist, played the music for the girls but, as we were told, “Super Trooper” was ok but “Zorba the Greek” was a tad slow! The dance area was another problem for the girls with a space of about 5ft x 4ft before they fell into the laps of the front row! As a reward for their efforts, the girls were furnished with a White Russian – except for Sylvia who didn’t feel too good. All in all, a wonderful effort by the girls; another first for Phoenix LDC – line dancing on tour in Russia! 


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  1. Wow, well done girls!!! Glad you showed them how it’s done! Sue xx

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