Phoenix LDC – Gala Night Party – 17th June 2011

Steve & Denise with Devon

Phoenix Line Dance Club Gala Night Party

 Phoenix Line Dance Club held their “End of Season Gala Night” at the Mountain View Hotel, Karaoğlanoğlu on Friday, 17th June 2011 to celebrate another successful season. 105 members and guests enjoyed an evening of good food, great Country Music, and entertainment with a feast of line dancing.

 Prior to the start of the dance programme, Steve & Denise presented the Dance Display Team with Plaques in recognition of their participation at various festivals throughout the year. The Dance Display Team consisted of Norma Keys,  Anne Elliot, Anne Tanlı, Kate Bell, Lynne White, Mel Dale, Mick Bone, Pam Hills, and Sue Rigg – Cathy Tillett was unavailable for the presentation. Plaques were also awarded to Helen Burt and Lilian White for their efforts in videography and public relations respectively.

 After the presentations the evenings dance programme soon got underway and the floor filled with dancers, many dressed in western gear, eager to have a crack at the dance they learnt a week or two ago or a favourite from this seasons lessons they had finally mastered.

 The entertainment for the evening was provided by Devon – AKA Mr Rodeo (Simon Burridge) who had made the trip from his UK base especially to perform for Phoenix LDC. He remarked that Phoenix LDC always made him very welcome and it was a great pleasure to be with friends and to perform for them. Devon then took the stage performing in his own unique Country Music style, much to the appreciation of the audience and included a number of Rock & Roll songs. With a welcome breeze, the dancers continued the second half of the programme before Devon performed his final spot.

 The evening’s entertainment was a great mix of Country and Rock & Roll music. Devon also performed a couple of romantic ballads giving a chance for the partners of the Linedancers to get together on the floor and do their own thing; although Clive and Alan (surnames omitted to protect the innocent!) were spotted dancing together during a romantic song and as they say “whatever rocks your boat”!

 The Gala Night Party closed at midnight with people making their way home after having a great night and some probably were thinking, “What are we going to do for the next three months before the lessons start again.” Some of the members staying overnight at the hotel continued the party into the small hours and they were probably thinking in the morning, “Thank god the lessons are three months away, I should be sober by then!”

 Here is to a good break. We are all looking forward to the “different summer socials” and no doubt, come October, everyone will be ready to get into line again with Steve & Denise.

  Author: Mel Dale


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  1. Susan Kasap Says:

    Absolutely brilliant evening, thank you Steve and Denise x

  2. Norma Keys Says:

    Is there something you’re not telling me?

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