Phoenix LDC at the 16th International Folk Dance Festival, İskele, Northern Cyprus


Phoenix Line Dance Club at the 16th International Folk Dance Festival,

İskele, Northern Cyprus


On Friday 1st July 2011 Phoenix LDC were invited to perform at the 16th International Folk Dance Festival İskele.


This was the second year running the team were invited and the expectation of another superb festival was high on everyone’s agenda and pleased to say no one was disappointed.


With teams from Indonesia, Palestine, South Korea, T.R.N.C. (Phoenix LDC), Mexico, Russia, and Turkey, the evening was set to entertain the huge audience with unique styles of dancing.


After watching Indonesia, Palestine and South Korea it was time for Phoenix LDC to take the stage and, as with last year, the team was joined by members from the Famagusta branch of the club and along with Steve & Denise opened with the first dance “Cotton Eye Joe” (contra style). The Girne team then performed “Sweet Liza” (contra style) and “Chilli Pepper Hot!” – this dance included two of the Famagusta team (Liz Maulkin & Jan McGhee) who performed with confidence and style.


For the final dance, “Ghost Train” (contra style), the members from Girne & Famagusta joined to perform this dance. The team then took their bows to great applause and the Mayor of İskele presented the team with a plaque and bouquet of flowers to mark the occasion.


The team then had the opportunity to watch the Mexican, Russian, and Turkish teams perform their dances to a very high standard.


It was wonderful to perform at this festival; be a part of such a successful and entertaining enterprise, and look forward to next year.


Thanks to the Famagusta team: – Chris, Jean, Sue, Liz, Jan and Nev who performed very well and to the Girne Team: – Kate, Pam, Mick, Sue, Kathy, Mel, Anne T, Denise and Steve and likewise had a great performance.


Special mention must go to Kate who performed the dances carrying an injury to her arm and leg. Most people would have pulled out of the show but she wanted to do it and did not want to let the team down. They breed `em tough in Scotland!      


Author: Mel Dale

Pictures: Dave Keys & Jan McGhee


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