Phoenix LDC at the “Potato” Festival!

Phoenix LDC at the Beyamudu (Pergama) Potato Festival July 2011

The Phoenix display team’s performance at the İskele International Folk Dance Festival was the catalyst for a last minute booking to take part in the Pergama Potato Festival on July 9th 2011. The Pergama organisers had seen the team perform at İskele and wanted us for their own festival.

A coach was arranged by the festival organisers to pick the team up from Girne town car park and take us to Pergama near Pile. During the wait for the coach, the team had a practice session in the car par much to the delight of the people parking their cars.

With no sign of the coach we were beginning to wonder what had happened and it turned out that the driver had been given the wrong information where to pick the team up and understandably this made him quite late. The coach eventually arrived and the team, by this time resigned to the fact we would be performing much later than planned, boarded the coach. However, the driver (a jet pilot in his former life) got us to Pergama in record time and we were on stage sooner than we thought.

After performing four dances, the team were asked to stay on stage and teach any of the audience who were brave enough to volunteer, how to do “Sweet Liza.” For their first time doing linedancing, the volunteers did very well and the audience appreciated their efforts and they left the stage to a rousing applause. The team were then presented with a plaque to commemorate the festival and left the stage to a further rousing applause.


Food and drink was provided for everyone and it was very pleasing while we were waiting for the food people came to say how much they had enjoyed our performance. The team was made very welcome and the hospitality of the Pergama people was much appreciated.

We boarded the coach for the return journey and our pilot flew us back to Girne yet again in record time.


Author: Mel Dale


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