Phoenix LDC at Yeni Erenköy

Phoenix LDC at Yeni Erenköy Karpaz Beach Festival 2011

The Phoenix Display Team hit the road again on the 14th July to perform for the people and visitors of Yeni Erenköy.

Due to the distance involved, it was decided to stay overnight and travel back from the Karpaz the following morning. The convoy of four cars left Girne with thirteen people – nine team members and four “groupies.” Two and a half hours later, we reached our hotel and it was a pleasant surprise to find our accommodation was designed to represent an Indonesian type of dwelling creating a feeling of being in the Far East of Asia and not Far East up the Karpaz!

Bags were dropped in the rooms and tables gathered for our picnic lunch   comprising of different dishes made by the members of the party, all equally delicious, and very welcome after the long drive. A short practice session took place for the team members who could raise enough energy in the heat followed by a well-deserved siesta for everyone. Relaxed and refreshed we all headed to town for the parade and to meet fellow performers in the festival. Stilt Walkers, a Turkish Folk dance troupe, a Fire Eater, Various Clowns, Rock group, and children from the local school were some of the people taking part.

The mayor welcomed everyone in the arena and after the speeches, the festival got underway with a firework display. During a short delay, while waiting for the TV station to go “live,” the stilt walkers and clowns entertained the audience and children.

After the Turkish Folk Dance Troupe had completed their routine Phoenix took to the floor with four dances to an enthusiastic audience in the arena and it was anyone’s guess how many had tuned into the local TV station. The Fire Eater closed the show with a spectacular display of flames and sparks that covered most of the arena floor.

The team were invited by the mayor for a meal and after show drinks at the Belediyesi restaurant. While at the restaurant, we had another chance to get to know some of our fellow performers, namely the stilt walkers, Özgür and Emrah Mengükan, brothers from Istanbul and had been walking on stilts since they were children. The fire-eater, Yusuf Cihan Süslu, also from Istanbul, and had a Latin-dance school and that gave the opportunity for two of the team to have a one to one lesson for the salsa. In return, he was shown how line dancing is done to Chilli Pepper Hot!

After thanking the mayor for his generous hospitality, the short journey to the hotel was made by tired but happy people ready for bed but not before the traditional nightcap to round the enjoyable day off.


Author: Mel Dale



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