Phoenix LDC Social at Park Garden Cafe & Restaurant, Girne

Phoenix Line Dance Club at Park Garden Café & Restaurant, Girne

Friday, 9th September 2011


After a three-year absence, the Park Café in Girne saw the return of linedancing with Phoenix LDC holding their monthly social with around 60 members and guests attending.

The revamped café proved to be an enjoyable venue with ample space for dancing and with most of the seating giving a view of the dance floor people could sit and enjoy watching the dancers or just have a chat with friends.

Members of the public were more than a little interested in what was going on and most of them stopped outside the café to see the dancing, some staying a while before continuing on their way and also the people in the café having a meal appeared to be enjoying the proceedings as well as their meal.

A good mix of dances suited all levels of experience and requests for favourites made for a great evening of dancing and having fun.

This venue was a one off event but with the success of this social do not be surprised if there is a return and it will be a lot sooner than three years!

Thanks to Steve and Denise for their hard work in putting on this social and their commitment to the club and members.


Author: Mel Dale


Pictures: Susan Kasap & Karen Öznedim


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