Phoenix LDC at the Girne Festival 11 – Saturday, 17th September 2011

Phoenix LDC at the Girne Festival 11 – 17th September 2011

Phoenix LDC display Team was invited to perform on the first night of the Girne Festival 11 held in Ramadan Cemil Square.

On a very warm evening, the team decked out in the new team outfits took to the floor to entertain the crowd.

With the assistance of two children to wave our flags the show got underway with the first three dances, Askin’ Questions, Black Coffee and Sweet Liza. A welcome break followed to let the Ottoman Marching Band back on the floor to complete their performance giving the team a chance to dry off and take on some much needed fluids.

Around an hour later, the team were back on the floor to dance Louisiana Swing, Closer and ending with Chilly Pepper Hot. The audience gave the team a great ovation, from later comments enjoyed the two performances very much, and thought the outfits were terrific.

It was great to see the young boys and girls who kindly waved our flags looking very happy and enjoyed waving them as much as the team did performing. The atmosphere in the square was excellent all the cafes were full and people were having a great time.

The entertainment carried on with various artists all of which added to the fun of the night.

A surprise was in store for Phoenix members when George (surname omitted for privacy but his wife is nicknamed Fluffy) took to the floor with the Festival Queen to dance with her. George not known for his dancing feet amazed everyone with his Fred Astaire impersonation not least the Festival Queen, who reported, she could not get the smile off her face.

Author: Mel Dale

Pictures: Gordon Swindles & Helen Burt


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