Phoenix LDC – Halloween Party 2011

Phoenix LDC Halloween Party 2011

 The 3rd annual Phoenix Halloween Party took place at the Green Valley Restaurant on Monday, 31st October with  over 50 members and guests’ attending what is now a staple part of Phoenix’s social calendar.

 Characters from Stage and Screen were there along with Witches and Wizards who were casting their spells on the  unsuspecting innocents. Vampires and monsters were let loose and had a field day satisfying their desires on  unsuspecting victims.

 A Halloween quiz took place just for fun and it was interesting to find out how much or in some cases how little we  knew of the history and connections to Halloween.   

 The now familiar parade of costumes took place shortly afterwards and after a long deliberation by judges selected  from the audience the winners and runners up were announced. 

 In first place for the Male category was Dave Cameron appearing as “Dr Death” with the runner up being Clive Hills  as a very convincing “Sweeny Todd.”

 In the Female category, first place was awarded to Carole Dovey for her portrayal of a “Living Gravestone” and with  the runner up Lilian White as the “The Gothic Bride.”

 The others worth a special mention were Bob Rigg as “Beetlejuice,” Sue Rig as “Edwina Scissorhands,” Jean Cameron  as “Dr Death’s Missus,” Helen Burt as “Bridesmaid to the Gothic Bride,” Mick Bone as a “Pumpkin from Hell,” and Mel  Dale as a very suave “Phantom of the Opera,” plus everyone else who entered into the spirit of the occasion.

 The linedancing was liberally mixed with Jive sessions and the partygoers had a great time dancing for the rest of  the night.

 The best Jive Performers were too close to call. Two couples tied for first place and they were presented with a bottle  of bubbly to quench their undoubted thirst. Well done to Janet & Brian Chapman and Vicki & George Sheppard.   

 The night ended with everyone having had a haunting experience and with all looking forward to the next Phoenix  extravaganza.

 Huge thanks must go to Steve & Denise for organising yet another exceptionally entertaining evening.

 Author: Mel Dale

 Pictures: Sue Rigg & Helen Burt

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    thanks for yet another great night.

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