Phoenix LDC Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

Phoenix LDC at the Royal British Legion Event June 2nd 2012

A taste of Britain came to Sunny Northern Cyprus on 2nd June 2012 to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

The Kyrenia branch of the Royal British Legion held a festival of events to mark the occasion of her Majesty’s 60-year reign.

The Deputy High Commissioner for Cyprus, Mr Brian Olley, and the chairman of the Kyrenia Branch of the Royal British Legion, Major Brian Thomas, gave welcoming speeches to the audience, most of which were dressed in patriotic attire.

As part of the programme, Phoenix Line Dance team were invited to perform at the event, and after the community singing, the team took to the stage to entertain everyone with their first of three sessions of dancing.

With temperatures hovering around 30 degrees, and wall-to-wall sunshine, the team proved to be made of strong material and performed their dances to the high standard expected.

The second session was a chance for the young, and not so young, to have a go at linedancing. So when the kids were tempted away from the Bouncy Castle and beach games, and the older “kids” from the bar, a teaching session for the dance Darlin’ Who’s Darlin’ took place and with the participants getting to grips with the dancing, it was an enjoyable session for everyone.

The final session had three more dances with the last one being danced to the patriotic “Sailor’s Hornpipe” from Louis Clark’s Hooked on Classics. It proved to be a fitting end to the team’s performance, with the audience cheering away with the music.

A Diamond Jubilee is a unique occasion that none of us will see the likes of again. This was a day to remember for everyone.

Author: Mel Dale


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