Phoenix LDC – Gala Night Party – June 2012

Phoenix LDC End of Term Gala Night 22nd June 2012

The summer heat this year arrived sooner than expected but after a cold, wet and windy winter no one is complaining (in public at least!). The timing to end the linedance lessons for the summer break fitted perfectly with the sizzling temperatures we were experiencing and with the dancing starting to get more than an energetic workout. Phoenix members breathed a sigh of relief when it was time to hang up their boots for another season.

The only thing remaining was the end of term Gala night, held this year at the Golden Bay Beach Bar & Restaurant Alsancak. All the members were looking forward to a last fling and to test themselves how much they had learnt during the last 9 months or so at the classes.

To help them on their way Devon (AKA Mr Rodeo – Simon Burridge) made a special trip from his busy schedule from the UK and Europe to entertain everyone for this gala evening.

The dancing started, the floor was full, and YES, everyone remembered his or her steps. They strutted around the floor like the great dancers they are, enjoying every moment and laughing all the way to the bar for that reviving drink!

For a welcome break, Devon entertained everyone with his unique style of country singing. Many of the songs were suited to the dances taught by Steve & Denise and the floor was once again full during his performance with a fine display of singing and dancing.

The evening ended with a final session from Devon and a round of applause from the Phoenix members for Steve and Denise for their hard work and dedication to the club and members throughout the year.

Here’s to a great summer and looking forward to the next season of line dance lessons with Phoenix LDC 2012/2013.

Author: Mel Dale


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