Phoenix Line Dance Club

“Summer Special” Line Dance Party – 20th June 2014


“Summer Special” Line Dance Party”

“IT’S ALL ABOUT LINE DANCING”, this was the programme title for the highly successful Line Dance Party held on Friday, 20th June at Royal Spice Restaurant, Lapta.

Having three Line Dance groups operating in close proximity, each with their own particular dance routines, rarely – if ever – did they all get together in the same place at the same time! So, with the current dance season drawing to a close (no one wants to line dance during the long, hot summers!), the idea was conceived to hold a “Summer Special” Line Dance Party involving all three groups; Phoenix Line Dance Club, Kıbrıs Line Dance Society & Friends Line Dance Club. Each group was given the opportunity to submit 10 of their current favourite dances on a programme comprising 30 dance routines; to be danced in rotation.

With the programme in place, and the venue chosen, the dancers and friends/partners turned out in force – 60 plus people descended on Royal Spice Restaurant ready strut their stuff, or just sit back and enjoy the evening’s entertainment. The final programme proved to be very popular as it featured many different music styles; traditional Country, Latin, Irish, Rock, Pop and even a Turkish song by Tarkan.

Many of those attending the event took advantage of a special 2 course menu provided by the restaurant at 29TL per head prior the onset of the dance programme. The dance programme “kicked off” at 8:30 with the ever popular, and appropriate, “Come Dance With Me” and came to a close at around 11:45 with a routine aptly entitled “Last Dance” performed to Dolly Parton’s rendition of “Save The Last Dance For Me.”  

All in all, it was great evening’s entertainment and a way for friends old and new to share their passion for line dancing.

Author: Steve Bisson