Phoenix LDC at the 2011 Olive Festival

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Olive Festival Zeytinlik 2011

Thursday 6th October saw Phoenix Display Team open the evenings show for the 10th International Olive Festival held in the village of Zeytinlik T.R.N.C.

The scheduled time to start was 19:00 hrs and as in most festivals, the timing was not as per programme the reason, being the start was delayed to wait for the audience to appear. This had a few of us thinking where“rent a crowd” have their office in Girne!

Sure enough, the people started to arrive and by the time the team took to the stage, a large number of people had filled the seats and areas around the stage.

The team completed four dances to a great reception from the audience or should I say “Rent a Crowd .Com” and were presented with a memento of this year’s festival.  

It was as always good to see people at the festival taking in the sights and smells of the various stalls around the village square. Well done to the organisers of the festival for creating a very pleasant atmosphere for people to enjoy.

Check out Phoenix for a compilation video of the team’s performance at this festival and much more.

Author: Mel Dale

Pictures: Helen Burt


Phoenix LDC at the Girne Festival 11 – Saturday, 17th September 2011

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Phoenix LDC at the Girne Festival 11 – 17th September 2011

Phoenix LDC display Team was invited to perform on the first night of the Girne Festival 11 held in Ramadan Cemil Square.

On a very warm evening, the team decked out in the new team outfits took to the floor to entertain the crowd.

With the assistance of two children to wave our flags the show got underway with the first three dances, Askin’ Questions, Black Coffee and Sweet Liza. A welcome break followed to let the Ottoman Marching Band back on the floor to complete their performance giving the team a chance to dry off and take on some much needed fluids.

Around an hour later, the team were back on the floor to dance Louisiana Swing, Closer and ending with Chilly Pepper Hot. The audience gave the team a great ovation, from later comments enjoyed the two performances very much, and thought the outfits were terrific.

It was great to see the young boys and girls who kindly waved our flags looking very happy and enjoyed waving them as much as the team did performing. The atmosphere in the square was excellent all the cafes were full and people were having a great time.

The entertainment carried on with various artists all of which added to the fun of the night.

A surprise was in store for Phoenix members when George (surname omitted for privacy but his wife is nicknamed Fluffy) took to the floor with the Festival Queen to dance with her. George not known for his dancing feet amazed everyone with his Fred Astaire impersonation not least the Festival Queen, who reported, she could not get the smile off her face.

Author: Mel Dale

Pictures: Gordon Swindles & Helen Burt

Phoenix LDC Social at Park Garden Cafe & Restaurant, Girne

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Phoenix Line Dance Club at Park Garden Café & Restaurant, Girne

Friday, 9th September 2011


After a three-year absence, the Park Café in Girne saw the return of linedancing with Phoenix LDC holding their monthly social with around 60 members and guests attending.

The revamped café proved to be an enjoyable venue with ample space for dancing and with most of the seating giving a view of the dance floor people could sit and enjoy watching the dancers or just have a chat with friends.

Members of the public were more than a little interested in what was going on and most of them stopped outside the café to see the dancing, some staying a while before continuing on their way and also the people in the café having a meal appeared to be enjoying the proceedings as well as their meal.

A good mix of dances suited all levels of experience and requests for favourites made for a great evening of dancing and having fun.

This venue was a one off event but with the success of this social do not be surprised if there is a return and it will be a lot sooner than three years!

Thanks to Steve and Denise for their hard work in putting on this social and their commitment to the club and members.


Author: Mel Dale


Pictures: Susan Kasap & Karen Öznedim

Phoenix LDC at Yeni Erenköy

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Phoenix LDC at Yeni Erenköy Karpaz Beach Festival 2011

The Phoenix Display Team hit the road again on the 14th July to perform for the people and visitors of Yeni Erenköy.

Due to the distance involved, it was decided to stay overnight and travel back from the Karpaz the following morning. The convoy of four cars left Girne with thirteen people – nine team members and four “groupies.” Two and a half hours later, we reached our hotel and it was a pleasant surprise to find our accommodation was designed to represent an Indonesian type of dwelling creating a feeling of being in the Far East of Asia and not Far East up the Karpaz!

Bags were dropped in the rooms and tables gathered for our picnic lunch   comprising of different dishes made by the members of the party, all equally delicious, and very welcome after the long drive. A short practice session took place for the team members who could raise enough energy in the heat followed by a well-deserved siesta for everyone. Relaxed and refreshed we all headed to town for the parade and to meet fellow performers in the festival. Stilt Walkers, a Turkish Folk dance troupe, a Fire Eater, Various Clowns, Rock group, and children from the local school were some of the people taking part.

The mayor welcomed everyone in the arena and after the speeches, the festival got underway with a firework display. During a short delay, while waiting for the TV station to go “live,” the stilt walkers and clowns entertained the audience and children.

After the Turkish Folk Dance Troupe had completed their routine Phoenix took to the floor with four dances to an enthusiastic audience in the arena and it was anyone’s guess how many had tuned into the local TV station. The Fire Eater closed the show with a spectacular display of flames and sparks that covered most of the arena floor.

The team were invited by the mayor for a meal and after show drinks at the Belediyesi restaurant. While at the restaurant, we had another chance to get to know some of our fellow performers, namely the stilt walkers, Özgür and Emrah Mengükan, brothers from Istanbul and had been walking on stilts since they were children. The fire-eater, Yusuf Cihan Süslu, also from Istanbul, and had a Latin-dance school and that gave the opportunity for two of the team to have a one to one lesson for the salsa. In return, he was shown how line dancing is done to Chilli Pepper Hot!

After thanking the mayor for his generous hospitality, the short journey to the hotel was made by tired but happy people ready for bed but not before the traditional nightcap to round the enjoyable day off.


Author: Mel Dale


Phoenix LDC at the “Potato” Festival!

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Phoenix LDC at the Beyamudu (Pergama) Potato Festival July 2011

The Phoenix display team’s performance at the İskele International Folk Dance Festival was the catalyst for a last minute booking to take part in the Pergama Potato Festival on July 9th 2011. The Pergama organisers had seen the team perform at İskele and wanted us for their own festival.

A coach was arranged by the festival organisers to pick the team up from Girne town car park and take us to Pergama near Pile. During the wait for the coach, the team had a practice session in the car par much to the delight of the people parking their cars.

With no sign of the coach we were beginning to wonder what had happened and it turned out that the driver had been given the wrong information where to pick the team up and understandably this made him quite late. The coach eventually arrived and the team, by this time resigned to the fact we would be performing much later than planned, boarded the coach. However, the driver (a jet pilot in his former life) got us to Pergama in record time and we were on stage sooner than we thought.

After performing four dances, the team were asked to stay on stage and teach any of the audience who were brave enough to volunteer, how to do “Sweet Liza.” For their first time doing linedancing, the volunteers did very well and the audience appreciated their efforts and they left the stage to a rousing applause. The team were then presented with a plaque to commemorate the festival and left the stage to a further rousing applause.


Food and drink was provided for everyone and it was very pleasing while we were waiting for the food people came to say how much they had enjoyed our performance. The team was made very welcome and the hospitality of the Pergama people was much appreciated.

We boarded the coach for the return journey and our pilot flew us back to Girne yet again in record time.


Author: Mel Dale

Phoenix LDC at the 16th International Folk Dance Festival, İskele, Northern Cyprus

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Phoenix Line Dance Club at the 16th International Folk Dance Festival,

İskele, Northern Cyprus


On Friday 1st July 2011 Phoenix LDC were invited to perform at the 16th International Folk Dance Festival İskele.


This was the second year running the team were invited and the expectation of another superb festival was high on everyone’s agenda and pleased to say no one was disappointed.


With teams from Indonesia, Palestine, South Korea, T.R.N.C. (Phoenix LDC), Mexico, Russia, and Turkey, the evening was set to entertain the huge audience with unique styles of dancing.


After watching Indonesia, Palestine and South Korea it was time for Phoenix LDC to take the stage and, as with last year, the team was joined by members from the Famagusta branch of the club and along with Steve & Denise opened with the first dance “Cotton Eye Joe” (contra style). The Girne team then performed “Sweet Liza” (contra style) and “Chilli Pepper Hot!” – this dance included two of the Famagusta team (Liz Maulkin & Jan McGhee) who performed with confidence and style.


For the final dance, “Ghost Train” (contra style), the members from Girne & Famagusta joined to perform this dance. The team then took their bows to great applause and the Mayor of İskele presented the team with a plaque and bouquet of flowers to mark the occasion.


The team then had the opportunity to watch the Mexican, Russian, and Turkish teams perform their dances to a very high standard.


It was wonderful to perform at this festival; be a part of such a successful and entertaining enterprise, and look forward to next year.


Thanks to the Famagusta team: – Chris, Jean, Sue, Liz, Jan and Nev who performed very well and to the Girne Team: – Kate, Pam, Mick, Sue, Kathy, Mel, Anne T, Denise and Steve and likewise had a great performance.


Special mention must go to Kate who performed the dances carrying an injury to her arm and leg. Most people would have pulled out of the show but she wanted to do it and did not want to let the team down. They breed `em tough in Scotland!      


Author: Mel Dale

Pictures: Dave Keys & Jan McGhee

Phoenix LDC – Gala Night Party – 17th June 2011

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Steve & Denise with Devon

Phoenix Line Dance Club Gala Night Party

 Phoenix Line Dance Club held their “End of Season Gala Night” at the Mountain View Hotel, Karaoğlanoğlu on Friday, 17th June 2011 to celebrate another successful season. 105 members and guests enjoyed an evening of good food, great Country Music, and entertainment with a feast of line dancing.

 Prior to the start of the dance programme, Steve & Denise presented the Dance Display Team with Plaques in recognition of their participation at various festivals throughout the year. The Dance Display Team consisted of Norma Keys,  Anne Elliot, Anne Tanlı, Kate Bell, Lynne White, Mel Dale, Mick Bone, Pam Hills, and Sue Rigg – Cathy Tillett was unavailable for the presentation. Plaques were also awarded to Helen Burt and Lilian White for their efforts in videography and public relations respectively.

 After the presentations the evenings dance programme soon got underway and the floor filled with dancers, many dressed in western gear, eager to have a crack at the dance they learnt a week or two ago or a favourite from this seasons lessons they had finally mastered.

 The entertainment for the evening was provided by Devon – AKA Mr Rodeo (Simon Burridge) who had made the trip from his UK base especially to perform for Phoenix LDC. He remarked that Phoenix LDC always made him very welcome and it was a great pleasure to be with friends and to perform for them. Devon then took the stage performing in his own unique Country Music style, much to the appreciation of the audience and included a number of Rock & Roll songs. With a welcome breeze, the dancers continued the second half of the programme before Devon performed his final spot.

 The evening’s entertainment was a great mix of Country and Rock & Roll music. Devon also performed a couple of romantic ballads giving a chance for the partners of the Linedancers to get together on the floor and do their own thing; although Clive and Alan (surnames omitted to protect the innocent!) were spotted dancing together during a romantic song and as they say “whatever rocks your boat”!

 The Gala Night Party closed at midnight with people making their way home after having a great night and some probably were thinking, “What are we going to do for the next three months before the lessons start again.” Some of the members staying overnight at the hotel continued the party into the small hours and they were probably thinking in the morning, “Thank god the lessons are three months away, I should be sober by then!”

 Here is to a good break. We are all looking forward to the “different summer socials” and no doubt, come October, everyone will be ready to get into line again with Steve & Denise.

  Author: Mel Dale