Step Sheets and Video Links

A Song For You – Beg. – video link

Against The Grain – Beg.

American Saturday Night – Int. – video link

Any Way But Up! – Imp.

Avarice (aka Greed!) – Int.

Devon’s Heaven – Beg. – video link

Dream On – Imp – video link

I Need Love – Imp. – video link

Kentucky Moon – Int. – video link

Lonesome Every Day – Beg.

Love Is Strong – Imp. – video link

Love Those Bad Boys – Beg. – video link

Moonlight Salsa (Extended) – Imp.

One Hell Of A Ball! – Imp. – video link

Rip It Up – Int. – video link

Rock n’ Roll Girls – Imp. – video link

Seein’ Double – Imp. – video link

Still No News! – Imp. – video link

The Devil Knows You 2! – Beg. – video link

The Electric Slide (Phoenix LDC style) – Beg.

Unsold! – Beg. – video link

We’re All Stars Tonight! – Beg. – video link

In An Irish Heartbeat – Imp. – video link


2 Responses to “Step Sheets and Video Links”

  1. Hi dear mucker,
    Can’t you seperate them into different levels, please? Beginners, Improvers and Intermediates in different rows, colums or lines?

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